About 555 Motorsports:

555 Motorsports is a shop I started in 2006 with the focus of tuning and performance in mind. I started in Washington, after that I relocated to my home and moved my operations to Chicago. Once out there I continued tuning in the area for local shops and traveling all over the US. 555 Motorsports has always been a one-person set-up. I, Mathew Cater have been working to ensure the customers get the best tuning solutions for their cars and performance.

In my experience I have tuned for many shops including: Komet Motorsports, PIA, Pavel Race Engines Performance and Styling, Perfect Sound, local dealerships, and my joint chicago venture Benchmark Tuning, along with many other shops in different parts of the US.

I am now back on my own traveling, I will now be keeping the home page updated with the traveling schedule and sign-ups.

555 Motorsports is a Subaru/Rally inspired company, it is after the famous Subaru 555 rally car. However we do not just do Subarus. Please checkout our Pricing & Services Section to see what all we offer.


We are now offering not only tuning services all over the world, but new interactive remote tuning options and consulting on building a car to suite your needs. More information will be released shortly.

We are now also entering the high end market of tuning and building. Over the years I have had the oportunity to work on some amazing cars. I would now like to extend this knowledge to the general public by offering tuning and build services on such cars as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Land Rover, VW and many more.

To see what we can do for you specific application please feel free to contact me at Matt@555Motorsports.net or Checkout our Facebook Page.